Welcome to our site! We hope this site can answer many of your questions about who we are and what OMG! Publicity is all about.  After many years in the promotion and publicity arena, Beth Hood-Fromm began OMG! Publicity in December of 2008 with veteran lifestyle/book publicist Julie Solomon joining on in 2012. Focusing exclusively on literary publicity campaigns originally, our client list has now grown to include national non-profit organizations, globally-recognized music icons, lifestyle, fitness and cooking tastemakers, bloggers and creative new product launches. Always looking to help launch the ‘next big thing’ and expand our client database, we would love to hear all about you and what makes your new book, album, tour, product or idea special.

We understand how frustrating it can be to see your concept or creation unrecognized by the press with the understanding that, with just a little exposure to the right target audience, your dreams could potentially be realized. We are more than confident that we can meet your needs and assist you in reaching your publicity goals; allowing your product, service or idea the opportunity to succeed in the marketplace.

We pride ourselves on excellent client relationships, high work ethics, a strong list of incredible media contacts, and top-notch writing skills. It would be our pleasure and honor to add you to our list of satisfied clients and friends.

And just where did the name OMG! Publicity come from? One of the first clients that we worked with would respond simply with “oh my goodness!” to weekly updates on her campaign. Continuously thrilled with the efforts and the positive campaign results, “oh my goodness!” became a phrase we looked forward to seeing week after week.

We love exceeding client expectations and find incredible satisfaction in going above and beyond. Allow the gals at OMG! to take you to that next level and we’re confident you’ll be saying “oh my goodness!” with each new exciting media opportunity. Feel free to click on our names below to learn more about us.

We love what we do.